Sustainability research insights reports

Sharing knowledge is the only way to solve problems and move forward together. For that reason, we are passionate about using our research expertise to inform and inspire sustainable practices.

Open-access sustainability research

Aside from offering bespoke research designs to inform specific product, communication and business decisions, we conduct independent sustainability research to equip organisations with actionable data and insight. We give these insights freely to help organisations combat climate change and other environmental and social challenges.

Explore our free sustainability research reports below and check back for more in the future.

Afro-hair discrimination

Collage of Afrocentric hairstyles

Is there a Eurocentric hierarchy of acceptable hairstyles in US and UK workplaces? Are there gaps in diversity, equity and inclusion training? Do employers have a clear understanding of legislation around hair discrimination?

To answer these questions and more, we collaborated with World Afro Day to conduct a survey of 1,000 US and UK decision-makers to uncover employer attitudes towards Afro-textured and Afrocentric hairstyles in the workplace.

Climate action education

What is the role of climate educators around the world? What challenges do they face, how are these overcome and what else is needed to ensure effective climate action education?

We partnered with Take Action Global and EARTHDAY.ORG to conduct interviews and a global survey to explore these questions and compile a public-access white paper across five key themes.

Girls planting in Cambodia - climate action education

Courtesy of TAG educators in Cambodia

Teaching: Diversity & Inclusion

How confident are UK educators in talking to students about topics like gender identity or race and ethnicity? Do they know how the Equality Act applies to teaching institutions’ policies? Or is substantial training required to ensure educators have what they need to navigate DE&I?

Teaching: Sustainability

Findings from our survey with over 500 UK educators in schools, further and higher education, exploring their attitudes to teaching sustainability and the support, training and resources they need to embed it in their teaching.

Clarity in crisis?

Clarity in crisis sustainability research

Have students become more aware of their environmental impact in the past year? Do they feel that COVID-19 restrictions have led them to behave more sustainably?

Feeling the strain

Student mental health research

How do students feel their mental health has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? How do they feel about their university’s pastoral care? How can universities help further?

Green Campuses

Green campus research report

What sustainable action do students want to see from the higher education sector? Are they aware of their own university’s green policies? Which universities are seen as sustainable? 

Minds of the Future

University sustainability SDGs

Which of the UN Sustainable Development Goals are priorities for tomorrow’s decision-makers? What support for these goals do they want to see from universities?

Green Lies

Green Lies sustainability research

Survey findings around perceptions of sustainability initiatives. What sort of initiatives do consumers consider impactful? What might be seen as ‘greenwashing’?

Talking the Talk

Sustainability research Talking the Talk

Investigating the gap between consumers’ sustainability perceptions and behaviour. Why are consumers inconsistent on sustainability? How can organisations help?

The X, Y and Z of Sustainability

Sustainability research generational differences

Revealing cross-generational differences in consumer survey responses. How do sustainable perceptions and behaviours differ between Generations X, Y and Z?

A World of Worry

Sustainability research world of worry

Examining the nature of eco-anxiety through consumer survey findings. How worried are consumers about the environment? Who is most worried? What are they doing about it?

Public-facing mental health sustainability research

Sustainability research isn’t just about environmental concerns. It’s about progress as a society, including improved health and wellbeing.

Therefore, we are proud to have supported the Reimagine Research campaign for Wellcome by conducting 90 cognitive interviews and the largest ever survey into research culture experiences, with over 4,000 responses. The final report is publicly available on the Wellcome site and you can read more about our mixed-methods research in this Shift Learning case study.

Wellcome logo

We were subsequently honoured to become the analytics and reporting partner for the CACTUS Foundation Mental Health Survey, involving over 13,000 respondents across 160+ countries. The Joy and Stress Triggers survey report we compiled is available for free on the CACTUS Foundation website and includes actionable insights to improve working culture.

Cactus Foundation logo

We are also helping organisations understand and respond to the impact of COVID-19 on their communities. This includes Nature’s 2020 postdoctoral researcher survey, which captured over 7,000 perspectives on how the pandemic has affected their research, mental health and career prospects.

Nature logo

Publicly available sustainability research

ReLondon asked us to conduct behavioural change research to build a deeper understanding of how to change attitudes and drive better recycling behaviours amongst Londoners aged 18-34, as compiled in the Motivating young Londoners to recycle report.

ReLondon logo

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