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Gold Leaf Member 360 Review

The brief

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) commissioned Shift to undertake the desk research behind its annual Gold Leaf Member Sustainability 360 Review.

The research explored in depth the corporate sustainability targets, strategies and actions for UKGBC’s 66 “Gold Leaf” member organisations, covering five broad sustainability areas: climate change mitigation, climate resilience and nature, resource use, health and wellbeing, and socio-economic impact. 

The approach

  • Desk research: Shift’s team of researchers first gathered comprehensive information from publicly available sources (e.g. sustainability reporting, case studies, commitments to a variety of additional sustainability initiatives) for each UKGBC Gold Leaf member. Shift worked closely with UKGBC during this phase.
  • Member feedback: The draft findings from the research were shared directly with members, who were given time to provide feedback before they were finalised.
  • Quantitative analysis: Following this, Shift analysed the data and produced a report of the findings, segmented by different industry sub-sectors identified by UKGBC. The report also compared key statistics with data from 2021.

The value

The report and final results dataset allowed UKGBC to interpret key trends across its Gold Leaf members’ sustainability activities, including areas of strength and weakness for each sub-sector and across the five topic areas of interest. This analysis was presented to and discussed with Gold Leaf members by UKGBC at an interactive event.

The final results dataset was also used by UKGBC to create individual results dashboards for each member organisation. These were issued to members and UKGBC undertook one-to-one meetings with members to discuss findings for their organisation, and where they might look to heighten their sustainability ambitions even further based off the findings.