Access All Areas

Investigating the viability of a new training offer from a learning disability theatre company

The brief

Access All Areas (AAA) is a learning disabled theatre company based in East London. They wanted to assess the viability of a profit-making training subsidiary to support their charitable aims, and asked Shift to undertake a market review in two sectors: education and healthcare.

The research looked to inform a fit-for-purpose training proposition in each of these sectors by investigating approximate market size and pricing levels and identifying key decision makers and routes to market.

Our approach and methodology

We adopted a two-stage methodology to explore viability of a training offer in each sector:

Phase 1: Desk research

  • Evaluated the potential market size
  • Analysed competitor training providers across both the education and healthcare sectors
  • Identified the regulatory requirements that relate to AAA’s proposed training offer

Phase 2: Qualitative interviews

  • A total of seventeen interviews were carried out with representatives from the education and healthcare sectors (9 education, 8 healthcare), lasting between 20-40 minutes
  • Gained qualitative feedback on the proposed training offer, how this might be adapted to make it most suitable and how this should be marketed to organisations

Additionally, Shift ran two introductory market research training sessions at the London Viewing Room with AAA staff which covered ethics, recruitment, interviewing, analysis and reporting to enable them to continue to explore the viability of other sectors.

Delivering results and value to our client

We delivered comprehensive findings to AAA, via individual reports and presentations, for each of the education and healthcare sectors. These reports highlighted the following:

  • Details on current learning disability training offers in the relevant sectors and what can be learnt from these competitors
  • The decision-making processes behind the purchase of similar training
  • Respondents’ reactions and evaluations of AAA’s proposed training offer
  • Recommendations on how to refine the proposition, such as preferred mode of delivery, length, and class sizes
  • Suggested pricing for the training, as deemed appropriate by respondents
  • Potential obstacles to the success of AAA’s training offer in the current market and how to overcome these
  • Defining key audiences and market sizing within each sector
  • Key recommendations for AAA’s approach to entering target market areas