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Sustainability training and professional development

The brief

IEMA wanted to ensure that their products and propositions remain aligned with the evolving needs of their individual members and corporate partners.

They commissioned Shift to conduct research that focused on the sustainability training and professional development sector, with a view to identifying opportunities, challenges and emerging trends across both environmental and social sustainability – to ensure they remain relevant as an organisation and to help with decision-making so they stay ahead of the competition.

The approach

Our research consisted of multiple phases, encompassing:

  • An online workshop with IEMA to surface internal priorities, knowledge and knowledge gaps.
  • A PESTLE analysis to explore the current landscape and factors that influence the sustainability training and professional development market.
  • Market analysis reviewing ten key providers offering sustainability training and professional development for individuals and corporate partners. This was designed to identify potential gaps in the market, which could help IEMA solidify their training offerings and other propositions.
  • 8 interviews (2 with IEMA staff members and 6 with their Fellows) to help refine and prioritise the desk research findings for the final report.
  • A presentation to IEMA stakeholders and discussion of findings.

The value

The final report identified and explored challenges and opportunities for IEMA and what this means for them going forward. The opportunities outlined provided IEMA with insights to help align their efforts strategically, and to maximise their reach and influence.