Because there’s no time to waste …
we unearth evidence and foster collaboration to drive sustainable action.

The organisations we work with are increasingly conscious of their role in fighting the Climate Emergency and aligning with wider sustainability goals − and they need to bring their stakeholder groups with them to meet this challenge.

As a UK-based sustainability market research agency with a global reach, we are experts in speaking to diverse audiences about sustainability, uncovering sustainability research insights and creating effective and actionable recommendations to drive strategy.

Why Shift Sustainability?

Bespoke research design

We spend time getting to know our clients’ contexts, to deeply understand the questions they need answered and the nature of their audiences. All our projects are bespoke.

Method experts

We are experts in designing and conducting innovative qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods research to uncover your audiences’ motivations, attitudes and behaviours around sustainability

Expert partners

We regularly partner with specialists in climate science or sustainable business practices to ensure we’re asking the right questions and provide realistic and expert recommendations in our reporting.

Purpose driven

We strive to be a positive force for change. We are a proud B-Corp™ sustainability insights agency and we don’t work on projects that conflict with these values

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How does it work?

Get in touch. Give us a call or email, however firm or speculative your ideas. We’ll have a chat to help you frame your objectives and give you some ideas of what we might offer. If you have a more formal brief, we’d always prefer to chat through this too.

Proposal. We’ll create a detailed proposal outlining our recommended approach, options for consideration and related costings. We’ll always be clear about any limitations to the research and the audiences we can reach within your budget.

Kick-off meeting. When we have the go-ahead from you, we’ll arrange a detailed kick-off meeting with an allocated Shift project team and your own team to explore your context more deeply, refine the project objectives and confirm methods and milestones.

Collaborative project management. We love working collaboratively with our clients to get the best results. We provide opportunities for regular meetings throughout the project design and fieldwork, feeding back insight as we go to better enrich our knowledge of your context. Our customers have rated us 4.8/5 for the quality of our communications.

Reporting and stakeholder engagement. We’re skilled in adapting our reporting style to a range of needs and audiences. This might be a highly visual report and presentation, or referenced reports that stand up to academic standards and scrutiny. Our clients have scored us 4.6/5 for the quality of our reports.

Workshopping results. We are skilled in designing and conducting co-creation stakeholder workshops to make your research findings and recommendations truly actionable.

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What our clients say

“Shift Insight were selected from a very large number of bidders on our research, because their methodology was innovative but robust – we felt it would produce deep insights into people’s real motivations and behaviours, which turned out to be true.

The team were really engaged and proactive throughout the process and turned a broad research brief very effectively into a set of actionable insights.”

Head of Communications and Behaviour Change, ReLondon

“We’ve been delighted to work closely with Shift during our Reimagine Research initiative. The robust and comprehensive survey which they constructed has provided a firm foundation for all our subsequent work.

They were able to deliver a quality and breadth of data that we haven’t seen anywhere else for this topic, allowing us to carefully target our subsequent activities. It also captured the attention of research culture advocates across the UK and globally.

Throughout our partnership, the Shift team have been unfailingly supportive and flexible to the changing demands of the project. Thanks to their deep expertise, we’ve been able to successfully push our initiative forward.” 

Ben Bleasdale, Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Wellcome