Teaching: Diversity & Inclusion – with a focus on Afro hair discrimination 

Why diversity & inclusion research?

DE&I is a key part of social sustainability for us. There is continual work to be done to improve acceptance and inclusion in society and we are proud of the role that research can play in that – by highlighting DE&I issues and contributing to the evidence-base necessary to solving them.

The state of teaching about DE&I

As part of a wider thought leadership survey about sustainability in teaching, we asked 521 UK educators to answer questions about their level of confidence with regards to DE&I and how the Equality Act – which is supposed to protect against discrimination – applies to teaching institutions’ policies.

In focus: Afro hair discrimination

In the survey, we specifically focused on Afro hair discrimination as a DE&I issue in teaching institutions, consulting with World Afro Day, a Community Interest Company educating the public about Afro hair, equality and identity.

In this survey, we found:

  • Only 8% of educators believe that school uniform policies have a very high or high potential to discriminate with regards to race & ethnicity.
  • 76% have not received training about how the Equality Act applies to school uniform & appearance policies.
  • 88% have not received training about how the Equality Act applies to Afro hairstyles in particular.

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